Latin Fusion Tapas Menu



Grilled portobello mushroom skewers are brushed with a lemon grass and ginger house made oil. Enjoy with a white wine

~Dragon Olives ~(Vg)~ Kalamata olives sautéed in chile oil 3

~Cheese Platter  ~(V)~ three cheeses, jalapeño jam, spicy/candied pecans, apples, toasted baguette 13

~Provoleta ~(V)~ Grilled provolone cheese, topped with chimichurri & toasted baguettes 6

~Candied bacon wrapped jalapenos ~ stuffed with cream cheese and pecans 7

~Olive Tapenade Quesadillas ~(V)~ two olive tapenade and mozzarella stuffed
rolled chile tortillas served over our house made chimichurri 6

~Papa Aplastada~ (Vg) ~ a roasted red potato topped with green and black olive tapenade 4

~Corn Tapa ~ corn masa stuffed with pulled pork, topped
with onions, cilantro, our house salsa and mozzarella cheese 5

~Bacon & Goat Cheese Stuffed Dates ~ baked and drizzled with house chile oil 7

~Portobello Mushroom Skewers ~(Vg) ~ grilled and brushed with lemon grass and ginger infused oil 5

~Guacamole Tower (Vg)~Local California Avocados, cilantro, jalapeños, & red onions, seasoned with lime juice, and a pinch of salt and pepper 7

~Toasted Baquettes ~(V) ~Slathered with goat cheese and drizzled with honey 5

~La Capressa~ (V) ~House queso fresco, Avocado, balsamic marinated cherry tomatoes and fresh basil 8

~Polenta Cake & Shrimp Crispy polenta cake, cajun style shrimp and a specialty cheese sauce 9

~Oz’s Machacado ~ Beef brisket sautéed until crispy, simmered in house salsa, two eggs over medium and fresh flour tortillas 12

~Mac & Five Cheeses~Pasta in a Parmesan, Romano, Cheddar, Asiago and Mozzarella house made cheese sauce (Add your choice of chicken, beef chorizo, beef brisket, cherry tomatoes or bacon +2 each) 12


~French Churros~(V, VG)~Brick pastry dough wrapped around our favorite seasonal vegetable and selected cheese 6 (V)

 ~Stuffed Piquillo Peppers



House made beef chorizo

Gluten free available

(baked and brushed with an egg wash) Our empanadas are served in pairs with a side of chimichurri (contains nuts).

~Chicken-medium spicy chicken with blue cheese in a curry dough 11

~Beef-Brisket, grilled onions and mozzarella cheese 11

~Chorizo-beef chorizo and roasted potatoes in a chile ancho dough 11

~Portobello mushrooms-pickled red onions and parmesan cheese 10 (V)



of the day 5 cup 8 bowl


Topped with avocado, chile oil and arugula

Specially created for those on a vegan diet

(Dough made fresh daily)
~Chimichurri, arugula, fresh avocado slices and fresh tarragon 12 (Vg)

~Chilaquiles~ house salsa, chicken, tortilla chips and mozzarella cheese 14

~Beef brisket~ garlic oil, select Blue Cheese, fresh basil 10

~Vegetarian~ Roots or vegetables of the season over a savory jam 11

 ~Beef chorizo and mozzarella cheese 11

~Roasted poblano chile peppers with chimichurri, Romano and mozzarella cheese 11(V)

~BST ~ bacon, spinach, tomato, mozzarella & our house chipotle aioli 11

La Familia Yummy DESSERTS

La Meztiza – Mexican chocolate cookie served with vanilla ice cream 6

Banana Bread Pudding – served warm with vanilla ice cream,
garnished with walnuts and our house rum sauce 7

(V) Vegetarian (Vg) Vegan
*18% gratuity will be included for parties of 6 or more

Cueva’s Market

All come packed in a 1/2 pint size container.

Cueva’s Salsa Robusta Monclova -  5

Chimichurri by Chef Oz -  6

Jalapeño jam - 7

Cilantro vinaigrette 7